Exploring Mindfulness through Music

Music for People is dedicated to re-vitalizing your music-making and promoting music improvisation as a means of self-expression. We offer quarterly weekend music improvisation workshops throughout the year in the eastern USA and a longer workshop once each summer.  Our  four-year Musicianship and Leadership (MLP) training program has graduated over 100 Certified Facilitators, bringing Music For People’s inclusive music making to schools, concerts, health care settings and homes.

We invite people at all levels of musical experience, on all instruments, playing any style of music.  Our music improvisation activities are drawn from many genres and cultures. We engage your playful self with simple and accessible structures that are fun and energizing, and we engage your mature musical self with deep listening.  By exploring this mindfulness through music, the magic begins…  

Anyone who wants to become more comfortable in front of a group can develop music facilitation skills through our Leadership program. We have 30 years of experience in training facilitators in community music making – singing, drumming, or jamming together, making profound connections while experiencing exhilaration and relaxed self expression. These group leading skills apply to adults and children, the well and the infirm, amateur and professional musicians. MFP offers its Musicianship and Leadership training program in the USA and Europe. 

You are welcome to join our training program or just come and have fun. We will help guide you toward your inner music, and bring out hidden strengths.

If you want to explore music improvisation, we invite you to browse around this site, check out our calendar and join us for a workshop.

From Emmy winner Josh Oshinsky during Summer 2013 Art of Improvisation workshop:

MFP FINAL from Josh Oshinsky on Vimeo.


MFP Introduces the 10th Anniversary Edition of Return to Child!

RtC 10th anniv cover for webRtC 10th anniv cover for webRtC 10th anniv cover for web