Return to Child Book


Return to Child contains the exercises, games, and techniques developed by cellist David Darling, flautist Bonnie Insull, world music specialist Mary Knysh, and the participants in Music for People workshops.  It is written to promote the humanistic and inclusive philosophy of Music for People, a nonprofit organization offering improvisation workshops in the USA and Europe. The book has three main sections. The first outlines practices for developing as an improviser in solo, small ensemble and large group settings, and in a wide array of musical styles.  The second focuses on how to impart improvisation activities to others in ways that are encouraging and supportive. The third section contains a selection of articles demonstrating how Music for People’s approach can be integrated into other existing musical formats, such as classroom music experiences and community drum circles.  Interviews and analysis of the teaching style of David Darling and other MfP teachers is included. Return to Child has been recommended by a diverse array of musical luminaries, including Paul Winter, Don Campbell, Arthur Hull, Julie Lyonn-Lieberman, Stephan Nachmanovitch, Allaudin Mathieu, Barry Green, Zacciah Blackburn, Eric Edberg, and David Rudge.

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