Musicianship Program (MP)

The Musicianship Program was designed for people who wished to focus exclusively on musical skill development in improvisation, without regard to becoming a workshop facilitator. The first two levels of the MLP and MP are identical. These levels build improvisational techniques across a broad spectrum of musical styles. Candidates are paired throughout these levels with a more experienced peer mentor, with whom they exchange recordings between workshops for feedback on their progress.

As candidates move on to the later years of the program, an increasing proportion of their workshop time is spent in small group settings, intensively focusing on solo and ensemble improvisation, with immediate staff feedback. Candidates have time in the organization’s portable digital recording studio, and have available instruction in recording techniques. Some candidates use the process to further their compositional goals, and mine the process of improvisation for gems to use in finished pieces. Other candidates maintain a more pure emphasis on in-the-moment improvisation. Both goals are equally respected. In the time between workshops, candidates are urged to video their process, and bring selected samples for peer and staff feedback. While it is not a program requirement, many candidates have used the Musicianship Program structure to guide the production of their own recordings.