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  • March 18, 2017 - April 23, 2017
    4:00 pm - 9:00 am

European Programs – May Knysh

Contact Mary Knysh for more info: and

March 18~19  2017
MfP ~  Accessing Creativity Through Music Improvisation
Rotterdam, Holland
March 24~25  2017
Advanced Drum Circle Facilitation ~ MUSIC FOR PEOPLE STYLE @ Akademie Kultur 33 in
Münsingen, Germany
March 30,  2017
Concert with Alex Merz @ Café Cup in Detmold 20:00
Detmold, Germany
April 7~13 2017
Music for People Seminar
Kiental, Switzerland
Registrations for Swiss Workshops are handled by Kientalerhof in Kiental, Switzerland
April 13~14 2017
Drum Circle Facilitator Course
Kiental, Switzerland
Registrations for Swiss Workshops are handled by Kientalerhof in Kiental, Switzerland
April 21~23  2017
Music for People Seminar
Madrid, Spain
July 8~13, 2017
MfP Music/Creativity Castle Retreat
Val de Loire, France


The MLP is a four year program that places equal emphasis on musicianship development in improvisation and workshop facilitation in small and large educational or therapeutic groups. The first years of the program teach comfort and confidence in improvisational music in solo and group settings, within an increasing variety of musical

styles from around the world and throughout history.All styles are welcomed. People from the Classical music tradition have found this program especially useful in making the connection between deep personal feeling and its expression in music. Yet since the form of music making we teach is exclusively improvisational, no prior formal musical training is necessary to begin the program. Some of our most successful candidates do not read and write music fluently, while others have extensive formal schooling.

After the candidates establish a base of improvisational techniques and competencies on voice, drums, piano, and any instrument of their choosing, they begin classes designed to shape their own unique style of leading workshops and integrating this work into their professional field. The Music for People philosophy is fundamentally humanistic, that all people are inherently musical. Candidates within the program are trained in how to emphasize strengths in the people they coach, and give truthful, accurate feedback in supportive language.


The MLP is for people wanting an in-depth IMPROVISATION experience, and provides opportunites to develop:

  • Workshop leadership skills!
  • Instrumental & vocal improvisation!
  • Digital recording!
  • Therapeutic music improvisation!
  • Advanced improvisation techniques!
  • CMTE Credits available!
  • Take the 3 level, modular certification course

Read about Music for People in German at the MFP Europe Website!! (English Version Coming soon)
Visit Kientalheroff Website

When the program requirements have been met at each level, candidates become Certified Music for People teachers, and are eligible for work referrals. The four year program consists of three workshops per year, of which one is a full week and two are extended weekends. Due to the intensive and personal nature of the feedback given at each level of the program, MLP candidates are required to attend all workshops in the series each year.

Who MLP is for:

  • musicians who want to go into depth with the development of their improvisation skills
  • music educators and facilitators at all levels
  • kindergarden and school teachers
  • ergo and aktivierungs therapists
  • music, art, and movement therapists
  • future Music for People workshop leaders


The Musician Leadership Program staff:

Mary Knysh – Master teacher &  track coordination

European Staff
For more information, see the Kientalerhof Web Site.

Kientalerhof – Centre for Wellbeing and Creativity
3723 Kiental, Switzerland   Tel ++41 33 676 26 76


“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy;
but more importantly music for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”

— Plato

Event Location


Venue Phone: 41 33 676 26 76

Centre for Wellbeing and Creativity, Griesalpstrasse 44 CH-3723, Kiental, Switzerland

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