Articles about Music Improvisation and Creative Expression

Creativity and the Process of Transformation

Mary Knysh wrote this article for the Fall 2015 issue of Connections where she shares how our participation in the creative arts can lead to both personal and creative transformation. Such an important topic that I wanted to share it with the larger community.   — Jan Hittle, MfP Webmaster

As another autumn season approaches, the Music for People (MfP) community is looking forward to entering our 30th year of sharing this amazing work in the world. I ... Read More

Recipe for a Great EventHow to Bring Music for People to Your Home Town

Stephanie Alegre’s article from Connections describes how to produce a larger MfP event.

People from all over the US and Canada have invited Music for People into their communities and produced wonderful events. But for everyone who has enjoyed that experience, there are dozens who want to do so, but don’t know where to begin. So here is an event production “recipe” to get you started. Like a music improvisation, you will ... Read More

Bringing Music Home

Connections featured this article which contained several useful suggestions for getting started hosting your own music gatherings.

Core Group: Start with a core group of 2 or more people who have been to a workshop and understand the process and transformative value of music improvisation for self-expression. Core groups can sometimes be formed during an MfP workshop by finding others from your locale at the workshop. If you want to host gatherings and you don’t know of anyone else in ... Read More
Improvising Techniques

These improvising techniques are excerpts from the MLP training booklet, Return to Child. To purchase a copy of the booklet, see the MfP Store page.


While warming up, give yourself permission to do anything that gets you physically warmed up and artistically engaged. Before starting, notice whether you’d prefer to start in a gentle way or in a physically active and dynamic way, and fashion your warmup accordingly. Be aware that there are three areas to attend to: your ... Read More

Improvisation: Bridge to Our Inner Music

My husband is sitting at the piano, arms crossed, elbows to finger-ends pressing down the keys, forehead resting on his arms, dead tired after a long, stressful day. “That’s a great sound,” I say. “Do it again.” He does–several times. He gets interested. Sitting up, he experiments with elbow, palm, and forearm sounds in different places on the keyboard. I sing with him. Before he realizes it, he is engaged, his fatigue forgotton, and we are having fun talking to ... Read More

Many Happy Returns to Child

Music for People has touched many people’s lives and inspired many a dormant or misguided creative spirit. This innate part of each one of us yearns to have expression, to be freed, to be heard, to touch others. As many of you know, finding the means to give voice to your own unique being is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Music for People was given birth by two extraordinary people, David Darling and Bonnie Insull, who held this ... Read More

“I never practice, I only play.”
— Wanda Landowska, musician, 1879-1959

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