Our improvisation workshops welcome everyone — regardless of your musical experience.


One of the highest values in MfP musicianship is the ability to support others in their music making.  For many years, composer, educator, and pianist Julie Weber has exemplified support. She has served as the Chairperson for the Musicianship and Leadership Program, producing the events and addressing all aspects of logistics with the venues, shepherding the candidates through the program requirements between workshops, teaching the main classes, and even driving the equipment to and from the storage location in Connecticut. She has done all of this with grace and humility, wisdom and tact, and most importantly, with great love for the infinite varieties of music that come out of each person who attends Music for People events. Julie is now stepping down from her position to pursue her own artistry in photography and deep listening. Music for People has been forever shaped by her many contributions. She is an articulate voice on The Darling Conversations, her written essays fill our Connections newsletter, and her teaching endures in every one who has experienced her profound and gentle style. We are grateful for her service and her smile, and we wish for her that she receives support for her future work in equal measure to what she has given us.  No one could deserve it more.



Music for People is dedicated to re-vitalizing your music-making and promoting music as a means of self-expression. We offer music improvisation workshops throughout the year, as well as a four-year program called the Musicianship and Leadership Program (MLP) of which there are over 100 graduates (Certified Facilitators). 

Founded by cellist David Darling and flautist Bonnie Insull in 1986, Music for People promotes a humanistic approach to the way music is taught, performed, and appreciated. Its philosophy is embodied in a musical Bill of Musical Rights that profoundly respects the creative impulse in everyone. Music for People was founded to fulfill a key missing element in the training of many skilled music students, and especially to call back to music those who were lost along the way, when the form of their music schooling became too filled with criticism and harshly communicated judgement. Music for People also strives to act as a catalyst in gathering people together to play and sing by creating safe environments in which they can explore music improvisation.


If you want to explore improvisational music, we invite you to browse around this site, checkout our calendar and join us for a workshop.

Music for People is a 501(c) (3) not for profit arts organization.  Our work is supported by the contributions of our membership through yearly dues and by the tax-deductible donations of our generous sponsors.